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Changing the Race Experience Through Mobile Technologies

Race Events

RaceJoy is more than a mobile app. It is a powerful marketing tool that will help you differentiate and increase the value of your event.


Promote your brand and marketing messages to a highly engaged target market of runners, triathletes and their friends and family.

RaceJoy provides you the platform for Promotions, Coupons, Charity Campaigns, and so much more!


Key race information, instant results and live GPS tracking are just a few of the RaceJoy features specifically designed for race participants.

Download RaceJoy for a new way to experience the race! Share with your friends and family so that they can support you on Race Day!


With RaceJoy, you can share in the race experience from home or at the race site.

Show your support by sending a cheer, tracking their progress and so much more!

User Testimonials

I used RaceJoy at three recent races and loved it! My mom tracked me while I was running and got alerts when I was near. My husband was traveling and was able to track me from another state. He knew my results before I did! I hope to see RaceJoy at more races!
Megan Hecht, Running Industry Brand Ambassador and Blogger
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