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A Few of RaceJoy's Key Features


No need to carry your phone to get progress and result information.

Optional "Phone Fun" for real-time live tracking, proximity alerts and post race meet up features.

Product Tour

We invite you to explore RaceJoy events to view more features and the dynamic content capabilities.

Find your race in RaceJoy's App!

Essential race event information at your fingertips.

Handy FAQ for quick answers to your questions.

Cheer information and help for spectators.

Course maps with filters.

Event schedule with location integrated mapping.

Event "buzz" so you are in the know.

Full integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Tweet on event and personal Twitter pages - straight from the app.

Track multiple athletes using easy search tool.

Live Tracking of athletes!

View progress updates for athletes and estimated finish times.

View progress updates with live tracking.

Athletes can post progress on their Facebook Wall.

Post Race information and help.

Easily search for results.

View results data for tracked athletes.

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